Charmain Tully
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General Information
Name Charmain Tully
Birthdate 1930-1950 (presumably)
Gender Female
Family Members Unknown
Occupation Police Officer
Status Alive
First Seen Everybody's Been Burned
Last Seen I Will
Played By Claire Holt
Charmain Tully is a police officer and a main character on Aquarius.

Season 1Edit

Charmain is a female officer first introduced in the first episode of season one. Often she struggles to be taken seriously in the boy's club police department. A lot of the times she's called to get coffee, do menial tasks, general office work, or to pat down hookers/female guests.

We can see her trying hard however to make something of her job, and to be a real officer. Even if it means she has to take a lot of crap along the way. Season 1 ended with a cliffhanger about whether she survived or not.

Season 2Edit



Charmain is often reserved or reluctant to speak up about the things that happen to her. Despite this, being stepped on by a lot of the male officers, she has a lot of spunk, and can even be seen insulting Cuttler when he teases her. Charmain is driven, and determined to not just be a police officer but to make something out of it.


Charmain has blonde hair and blue eyes. Typically seen wearing a full police uniform.